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Inspired by the lovely cycad plants that grow on our block, these earrings are made from lightweight, hand painted acrylic and are a primo choice for plant lovers. I’m always amazed at the resilience of native plants where we live. Our build up season is soooo hot and humid, then we get torrential rains in the wet season (up to 3 metres some years) and then we have six months of no rain at all. The fact that any plants can survive on their own through all that is a source of daily amazement for me.  


Dimensions: 45mm(w) x 70mm(h) with a hanging length of approximately 85mm (includes the length of the ear wire).

Made from hand painted, lightweight acrylic with sterling silver plated earwires. 

Note that the colour will look different in real life. I’ve tried reeeallly hard to try and get the colours looking similar but due to how cameras, monitors and screens process and display colour it is really hard to get them accurate. 

© Design copyright Sarah Martin