Croc earrings-mini-hot pink

Croc earrings-mini-hot pink

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Made famous by the likes of Crocodile Dundee and the Crocodile Hunter, the humble crocodile is an Australian icon albeit a rather large and fairly dangerous one, though I guess we do have a rather large amount of dangerous icons—I’m looking at you taipans and king browns and blue bottle jellyfish and box jellyfish and blue-ringed octopus and [insert all of the other Australian animals that can potentially kill you].

Living in the Northern Territory, crocs are a part of every day life (they made the front cover of our local newspaper the NT News for what felt like every day for about two years! Croc sighting here, croc sighting there, crocodile in local pool, crocodile in old mate’s ute, crocodile down the lake etc. and so forth). Despite their fearsome reputations they really are amazing creatures and have the most nifty evolutionary bits and bobs so this is my huzzah to our reptilian friends. 

This design is also available in a maxi size. 


Dimensions: 23mm(w) x 68mm(h) with a hanging length of approximately 93mm (includes the length of the ear wire).

Made from hand painted, lightweight acrylic with niobium hypoallergenic earwires. 

Note that the colour will look different in real life. I’ve tried reeeallly hard to try and get the colours looking similar but due to how cameras, monitors and screens process and display colour it is really hard to get them accurate. 

© Design copyright Sarah Martin