Python earrings-maxi-classic blue

Python earrings-maxi-classic blue

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I’ve always had a respectful appreciation of snakes—growing up in the Australian bush meant that we were always on the look out for them underfoot and working for four years at Australia Zoo in Steve Irwin’s era gave me a whole new understanding of them. I’ve always been in love with bold patterns and repetitive mark making so try and incorporate patterns into most of the work I do. The design on the pythons is inspired by water (the side with the squiggles) and the night sky (the side with the stars) as they are two things I have been drawn to since I was little.

This design is also available in a mini size. 


Dimensions: 45mm(w) x 70mm(h) with a hanging length of approximately 85mm (includes the length of the ear wire).

Made from hand painted, lightweight acrylic with niobium hypoallergenic earwires. 

Note that the colour will look different in real life. I’ve tried reeeallly hard to try and get the colours looking similar but due to how cameras, monitors and screens process and display colour it is really hard to get them accurate. 

© Design copyright Sarah Martin.