Turtle earrings-mini-velvet blue pearl

Turtle earrings-mini-velvet blue pearl

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A few years ago I did an artist’s residency at the Northern Territory Wildlife Park and one of my favourite places in the park was the aquarium. Not only was it was one of the only two air-conditioned enclosures (if you’ve lived through a Northern Territory build-up and wet season you will understand!) but it had the most amazing little critters on display. One of my favourite sections was the turtle enclosures—there are lots of different turtles on display but I had a soft spot for the long-necked freshwater turtles with their cute smooshy faces, little curving tails and flippity-floppity webbed feet. As kids we used to see lots of turtles growing up on our farm so they hold nostalgic childhood memories for me as well. So, here’s my little ode to turtles for being so darn cute! 

This design is also available in a maxi size. 


Dimensions: 36mm(w) x 57mm(h) with a hanging length of approximately 72mm (includes the length of the ear wire).

Made from hand painted, lightweight acrylic with niobium hypoallergenic earwires. 

Note that the colour will look different in real life. I’ve tried reeeallly hard to try and get the colours looking similar but due to how cameras, monitors and screens process and display colour it is really hard to get them accurate. 

© Design copyright Sarah Martin